Our Vineyards

Our Vineyards

In the Heart of CA’s Wine Country

Oakstone Winery was opened in March of 1997 and has since grown into a family operation that has stood the test of time. Now, a 3rd generation of owner/operators will carry on Oakstone’s legacy. The Russell family purchased Oakstone winery in June 2021. As the new owners of Oakstone Winery and Obscurity Cellars, Courtney and Dustin invite you to join them for good wine, good friends and good times. We’ll see you in the tasting room!

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planted in 2000

Mother Vine Ranch

One acre of Pinot Grigio (grafted from Viognier in 2004). 14: Another acre of Pinot Grigio, grafted from viognier in 2007. All planted at 5.5 X 9 foot spacing, bilateral cordon with vertical shoot positioning. Named for the native vitis californicus grapevine growing on the property with a trunk over eight inches in diameter.


Serendipity Hill Vineyard

This area, which has dramatically different topography from the adjacent Piedras Grandes site (a swale or saddle rather than a steep slope), is planted to just under one acre of Alicante Bouschet on 110R rootstock, 5.5 x 9 foot spacing, on 110R rootstock, drip irrigated and head-trained. It provides a unique, obscure varietal wine.

planted in 2003

Fiddlehead Vineyard

All plants on 5.5 by 9 foot spacing, drip irrigated. A large number of ferns grow alongside Slug Gulch Road (even though they aren’t fiddlehead ferns, John’s father was a violin maker who always referred to his creations as “fiddles”). One acre of Malbec clone 9 on 110R rootstock. One acre of Sauvignon Blanc on 1103P rootstock, grafted from Muscat Canelli in the spring of 2009. About 104 vines of Alicante Bouschet on 110R rootstock (resulting from a minor math error in the Serendipity Hill vineyard).

planted in 2003

Piedras Grandes Vineyard

The vines are head-trained, planted at 5.5 x 10 feet and drip irrigated. It was planned to convert the vines to dry farming, but experience with the site indicates the shallow soil may require continued irrigation. The name Piedras Grandes derives from the house-sized boulders that needed to be relocated for planting (and from the three that couldn’t be budged and that now lurk just below the surface, waiting to surprise an unsuspecting tractor driver). A challenging site, the slope varies from about 10% at the ends to over 30% at the center. The grapes will struggle in this location, but the resulting wine should reflect the victory of vine over environment. One acre of Petite Sirah on 110R rootstock. One acre of Charbono, also on 110R.

“Our winery feels like home and we welcome you into that home, to experience our wines like family. We’ll see you in the Tasting Room.”

– The Russell Family


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