W i n e s

Our wines embody the vibrant charm and complexity of our historic vineyard, exhibiting the balance and elegance indicative of the area. Enjoy the vast variety of flavors and experiences our wines bring you, directly from our family farm in the heart of California’s Wine Country.

O u r W i n e s

2019 Estate De Cascabel Vineyard Meritage – $30

Meritage blends are celebrated for their complexity, balance and ability to showcase the best qualities of multiple grape varieties. Our Estate Meritage is a delicious blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The blend exhibits supple flavors of Bing cherry & blackberry with a hint of spice in the finish. Pairs well with grilled meats, hearty stews, and aged cheeses. 


2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – $30

This Foothills Dry Farmed Cabernet Sauvignon offers a robust and expressive nose filled with ripe dark fruits. You may encounter enticing aromas of black cherry, blackberries, and plum, showcasing the classic fruit profile of Cabernet Sauvignon. Upon the first sip, it exhibits a full-bodied and structured palate. The acidity is moderate, offering balance and freshness to the wine. This vintage was aged in French Oak for 22 months and will pair well with hearty dishes such as grilled meats, roasted lamb, or aged cheeses. San Francisco Chronicle – Bronze Medal Winner

2020 Reserve Zinfandel – $30

Harvested from the legendary 100 year old Higgins clone of Zinfandel, full of dark berry nuances, a hint of spice and supple tannins for a lingering, velvety finish. Fantastic with bold Italian dishes, grilled meats, or just on its own. Aged in American Oak, 18mos. 

2020 Estate Reserve Mourvedre – $38

Aged in French oak for 20 months, this wine exhibits dark fruit flavors like black cherry. It has a rich concentrated profile with earthy nuances that add to its complexity and depth overall. Mourvedre as a varietal has a very structured tannin profile which makes it a good candidate for aging. This wine will compliment grilled meats. Bring this one with you to the steakhouse. 


2020 Super Tuscan – $30 
Limited Quantities 

Our Super Tuscan is a blend of equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sangiovese. Full of dark red and black fruits. Aged in French Oak. A beautiful combination of French & Italian varietals. 


2020 Reserve Petite Sirah – $38

At first pour, the inky purple color of this Petite Sirah exhibits its boldness and full-bodied character. This wine showcases its dark fruit and spice notes. The ripe fruit profile of blackberry and black cherry is sure to please any wine enthusiast. The tannins providing structure and weight with a moderate acidity make this wine drinkable now! Pair this wine with hearty or rich foods, especially lamb and beef. 


2021 Naylor Farms Barbera – $32 

This Barbera wine showcases a vibrant and intense ruby red color. You will find notes of ripe cherries, raspberries, and blackberries in this medium-bodied wine. The wine’s acidity and fruitiness linger on the palate, leaving a pleasant and slightly tangy sensation. Barbera is one of the signature varieties of the Sierra Foothills, where warm days and cool nights at high elevations bring out these robust characteristics. Aged in American oak for 20 months, this wine pairs beautifully with grilled meats and Italian dishes. 15.2% alcohol by volume.

2021 Merlot – $30.00 
Oakstone is putting Merlot back on the board! After things got a little “sideways” with this varietal, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with ours. Merlot is known for its soft and velvety tannins making it perfect for those just getting into wine or those looking for a smoother mouth feel. This wine shows off its ripe fruit flavors of plum, raspberry, and red currants. Pairing for this wine is very versatile and can be paired with most dishes and even a variety of cheeses.
2021 Sauvignon Blanc – $24

The 2021 Estate Sauvignon Blanc exhibits crisp notes of citrus and apple with mild acidity and bright finish. Enjoy this wine with appetizers, fish, and lighter dinner fare. 15.2% Alcohol by volume. 

Gold Medal Winner, El Dorado Wine Competition. Silver Medal & 82 points from CA State Fair Wine Competition. 89 Points from Wine Enthusiast!

2021 Pinot Grigio – $24 SOLD OUT

Our 2021 Estate Pinot Grigio exhibits bright green apple flavors with moderate acidity and a clean fresh finish. Enjoy this wine at your next summer BBQ! Sure to be a crowd pleaser. 15% Alcohol by volume. 

87 Points from Wine Enthusiast!

2021 Chardonnay  – $30

Our Chardonnay is fermented for 9 months in French Oak. This Chardonnay exhibits notes of butterscotch and caramelized sugar on the nose with hints of vanilla and honeysuckle. Best served at room temperature or slightly chilled. 14.9% Alcohol by volume. Silver Medal from CA State Fair Wine Competition. 88 Points from CA State Fair Wine Competition. 90 Points from Wine Enthusiast.


2021 Grenache – $32.00
Our 2021 Grenache is a beautiful light ruby color. Young in age with shorter barrel time has allowed it to exhibit brighter more vibrant characteristics. Its fragrant and inviting nose of strawberries and raspberries with floral undertones makes this wine perfect for spring and summer. The smooth and supple mouthfeel with moderate tannin and acidity offers a pleasant freshness. Serve this red slightly chilled for an awesome sipping experience. Don’t take our word for it, come taste it yourself!
 Silver Medal from CA State Fair Wine Competition. 88 Points from CA State Fair Wine Competition.


Slug Gulch Red Lot #1 – $20

Our delicious Seriously Good but Not Too Serious red blend. Your favorite table wine is priced at only $20 per bottle. This iteration includes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Barbera, Petite Sirah and Tempranillo. Get yours while supplies last! 

2021 Cab Franc – $32.00 

Cab Franc is a grape most often used for blending especially in Bordeaux blends. At Oakstone, we like it to shine on its own. Its deep ruby red color and red currant aroma surprise the senses. Its tannins are more approachable than the Cabernet Sauvignon and its medium acidity makes it vibrant and versatile. Pair this wine with herb-infused dishes, especially grilled veggies. 

O b s c u r i t y C e l l a r s L a b e l

1916 Old Vine Blend – 2018 “1916”– SOLD OUT

A very special field blend created from the Old Vine Carignane and the Old Man Murrill Zinfandel, both planted in 1916. This beautiful wine is crafted specifically for our Wine Club members and is available on a limited basis. 

Silver Medal SF Chronicle Competition! 

2020 Malbec – $32

Malbec is a medium to full-bodied wine. You will experience the rich ripe fruit flavors of black cherry and plum with lingering notes of spice. Malbec will pair nicely with BBQ or even pasta and hard cheeses. 


2020 Tempranillo – $30
Our Tempranillo is a medium-bodied wine with moderate acidity and tannins. You will experience blackberry and plum notes with an earthy undertone. Pair this dish with Mexican cuisine or rich tomato sauce dishes. 
2019 O’Blivion Blend – $28

The O’blivion “Next Chapter” is a blend of our obscure varietals. Tempranillo, Alicante Bouschet, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. Our customers describe this wine as “so smooth”.

2020 Carignane – $32 SOLD OUT
Our Old Vine Carignane was planted in 1916 and is medium-bodied by nature. You will encounter notes of cherry, dried cranberry, and even raspberry. The moderate level of tannins provides structure without overpowering the palate. Its acidity is lively, lending freshness and vibrancy to this wine.  With its fruit-forward nature, and balanced structure this wine provides a distinctive and enjoyable drinking experience. Pair this wine with your charcuterie board or mild cheeses. 
2020 Old Man Murrill Zinfandel – SOLD OUT

This varietal comes to us from a vineyard in Sutter Creek (Amador County) was planted in 1916. This Zinfandel has dark fruit flavors with a bit of spice on the finish. Our most popular Zinfandel and available on a limited basis!

2020 Charbono – $30

Our Charbono greets you with a distinctive and intriguing bouquet of aromas, often showcasing an array of dark fruits. You’ll find this wine exhibits a deep, inky purple color in the glass. It offers a moderate level of tannin that contributes to its robust texture and mouthfeel. The acidity is moderate and provides balance. Blackberry, black cherry, and plum take the lead for this wine. Additionally, you may encounter some blueberry and a touch of black pepper. This Charbono will pair well with hearty dishes, stews, or flavorful cheeses. This is an intriguing choice for those seeking a full-bodied and distinct red wine. 


2020 Dolcetto – $28

Dolcetto presents a vibrant and fruit-forward flavor profile. The dominant flavors in this vintage are red fruits, with red cherry, raspberry, and strawberry leading the way. The flavors are ripe and juicy with a medium-length finish and bright acidity. Its immediate gratification and straightforward fruit expression make this a smooth and easy-drinking wine. Pair this wine with a range of dishes, from antipasti and pasta dishes to roasted meats and mild cheeses.  


2020 Petit Verdot – $34

Our Petit Verdot exhibits a deep intense purple color in the glass and boasts a powerful and complex nose characterized by dark fruit aromas. You will experience blackberry and blueberry notes. The finish is long and lingering with structured acidity. This blending grape showcases its distinctive characteristics as it stands alone.  Pair this wine with smoked and aged cheeses, braised pork or lamb dishes. 


2021 Alicante Bouschet – $30
Alicante Bouschet is a full-bodied red varietal with a robust mouthfeel. Its moderate to high acidity and tannin structure make it a nice balanced wine. Our Alicante Bouschet has hints of spice and pepper with pronounced dark blackberry flavors. Pair this wine with wild game and hearty stews. Our customers tell is it makes a nice cigar wine too!


Merlot Dessert Wine – $24

Pair this luscious dessert wine with rich dark chocolate or some bleu cheese. 17% abv 375ML Bottle